Monday, October 31, 2011

Tubb to the Rescue

Recently I found myself on the back of a motorcycle, putting up muddy mountain trails to visit a little Karen Baptist church in the hills.  I get invited to preach in different places from time to time, but this was a first for this village.  About 15 51gtU8 KNRL._SL500_AA300_minutes from the village, my friend tells me over his shoulder that in addition to preaching, I’ll need to join him in sharing a special song with the congregation.  He’d decided the song would be “What a Friend We Have in Jesus”.  The plan was that he’d sing I Thai, me in English, and a few men from the congregation would sing in Karen.  I thought for a second – dang.  I only remember the first verse of that one.  But wait!  I have a few of my favorite songs tucked away in my phone for easy listening.  What have we here?  “What a Friend We Have in Jesus,” sung by Ernest Tubb.  I refreshed my memory with a quick listen.  Then we practiced as we drove.  Our practice earned me a concerned look over the shoulder from my friend. It turns out that unlike Tubb, the Karen like to sing in key (I’m sure that’s the ONLY reason I would be off).  Unfortunately too, Tubb’s version only covers the first two verses – and the church we were at sings three.  I wonder if anyone noticed me recycling the first verse?

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ConnieJo said...

Well, you can blame ol' Ernie for your being off key if you want to.
Blame genetics for your being off beat.
I'm sure you were making joyful noise.